Zach E.

You know those people who you meet and instantly fall in love with because they’re so friendly and quirky and fun and like omg, best friend material? That’s Zach. The dude is riddiik. Zach is all feather boa, glitter bomb, sassafras with his loud, high-energy, happy-go-lucky attitude. Born in the 305 himself, Zach is an über-talented dancer and performer from Miami. A graduate of the acclaimed performing arts school New World Arts and now a student at Boston Conservatory, Zach is pursuing a career in musical theater and dance. And yes, the man is a total star. A towering 6-feet-tall, Zach’s huge movements and electric personality make him a perfect fit for your first class. His clarity of instruction, coupled with his contagious spirit of fun, will let you lose yourself in class without worrying about the fancy footwork.

What to expect from his class: a non-judgmental zone where you can smile, let loose, and liiiive your life, queen.

Zach E. instructs the following:
  • ((305)) Original
  • Dance your ass off to this power playlist featuring the latest hits of house, hip hop, and pop. You will feel like you’ve stepped into a Miami Beach nightclub with your friends as you lose yourself in the music. Work every inch of that piping hot body and leave drenched in sweat. Life is a party, why shouldn’t your workout feel like one, too?

    **All classes are 55-minutes and consist of a warm-up and cool down. Unless otherwise specified, all classes are ((305)) Original classes.